Up and down, up and down.

right into it Tom! So, today i went out, in the city, with loads of people, with no hood! this was a big step for me because i’ve been worried about people reading my thoughts out of my head. Well, this didn’t stop, however, i managed a day without my hood. i don’t know if this is a success because i still got the thoughts, and people could still read my thoughts, but no hood. I felt a bit of a plonker because i banged my head in public, so that didn’t really help, really wanted my hood up then because lots of people saw. not nice.

i got a lot of “exercise” today. we have family staying at the moment. so my three little cousins are over and we all went into the city to Norwich castle. loads and loads of walking, i suppose its better than sitting about watching people on t.v, so i went out, i had an alright time. other than the awful things that my mind thinks about, it was good. I do get them unusual thoughts like ‘i could just jump off this bridge and that would be that’. these thoughts do frighten me because i’m worried one day i’ll go ahead with one of them, i mean, i have before, so why not now. do other people get these thoughts? i don’t know, but i feel sorry for anyone that does. anyway, back to going out. Norwich castle is a museum, its really fascinating. i could spend days in any museum (unless its art) just reading about everything. joined by my cousins was good. its nice to enjoy this sort of thing with more than just yourself. Ups and downs of my day so far.

Well, my medication side effects were horrible today. i NEVER get up well in the morning. i am NOT a morning person. my medication does not help this at all. i get extremely nauseous because of my medication, so the beginning of my morning was spent with my head in the toilet. YUCK! i was slow to get moving, couldn’t eat anything, horrible horrible horrible. I hate my side effects.

well, i haven’t got much else to write. i wouldn’t want to write too much, i’m not thinking a lot at the moment and i’d rather keep it that way. More to write tomorrow i’m sure.




2 thoughts on “Up and down, up and down.

  1. You have done so well. This time last week you could never have done this. No hood is a huge achievement. And if people could actually read your thoughts what would happen? Having read your blogs I think they could learn from you and become more compassionate as a result. Well done


  2. The castle sounds fab, and hood down, get you! Is there a part of you that knows no-one can really read your thoughts, any more than you can read theirs? I can’t imagine how hard your thoughts must be.


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