take your meds tom!

Well, i haven’t written on here for a few days because i’ve been doing stuff over the weekend. things haven’t really gone to plan, but there have been a couple of good things from the last few days as well.

Right, i didn’t take my meds the other night and this was a really bad thing. i always notice when i don’t take my meds and this hasn’t been an exception. I’ve been really paranoid, really worried, but mainly i’ve been angry. everything has been annoying me a lot. When i say everything, i mean everything. i have to look at things now and think, ‘that was because of my lack of medication. people eating annoys me, people being fake when talking to people, people just being around me is really annoying. things i would be a little more ignorant about before have just shown themselves. i’ve got to take my medication every day, if not i get worse, and i cant get worse, not just before i go back to work.

now, that something i’ve really been worried about. going back to work is a big thing for me, and its coming up. i’m really worried that when i go back i will immediately have to leave. i’m going to warn people at work that i am fragile at the moment and that i might just need a bit of care form people. i know there are people at work that will make me feel welcome and that is something to look forward to. im a firm believer that everyone should work unless they have a good reason not to, and i don’t think my reason is good enough, but maybe itll come to the time where it is bad enough for me not being able to work any more.

anyway, onto what i’ve been up to. i went out for a beer Friday night, and that was o.k. i did want to leave early, but i still went out and this is a good thing. i also went out Saturday night to see a comedy band playing. that was funny, i can still remember some stuff that happened that night which is really good for me because my recollection of good memories is terrible at the best of times! I also went sea fishing yesterday. i wasnt good yesterday and it was noticeable. i didn’t enjoy sea fishing. its usually something i really enjoy, but not this time. gutted.

right, i’m going to go now. i’ve got no energy to even write on here. today i woke up at 3pm and still felt tired. im going to get some rest and i will deffo right on here again tomorrow. 


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