Excitement?! surely not!

O.K, so i’ve been up to a lot while i haven’t been typing on here (sorry its been a few days). So i’ll just run through everything i’ve been up to, to this point.

I’m back at work now after over two months off with my on going psychosis. i went in last Friday for a meeting to decide on what to do in regards to starting again. i got a bit worried at one point because my old manager asked me how i would feel if they didn’t want me to go back yet because they didn’t think i was ready. rendered me speechless for a while. i had no idea what to say so i told him that. anyway, after about an hour we decided i would go back today, which is what i’ve done. I’ll only be going for a couple of hours a day. Going back was good. i got to see people i haven’t seen for a couple of months, a couple of which had read this blog! i really felt welcome there, and this was the most important thing for me. my new manager (who has not actually managed me yet) is lovely, she couldn’t be more supportive and that is really good as well. Overall, first day back at work was a success!

onto my next bit of news. Mr X finally called me! i’ve been waiting about three weeks for him to call so i could get an appointment to see him. Just my luck is that he phoned me while i was at work so i couldn’t answer. He’s going to call me again tomorrow so hopefully we can arrange something. he might have been calling to find out how i was at work today. who knows, i’ll find out tomorrow. got a lot to tell him though, lots has been happening, which brings me onto my next bit of news…..

I’m moving house. I’ve decided that it would be a good thing for me to move out of where i’m living now. i’m not comfortable where i live at the moment. i’ve also been living at my grandparents for half the time i’ve supposedly been living in Norwich. I’ve told my housemates i’m moving out, and they seem o.k with it. its not the greatest news they wanted to hear, but they understand where i’m coming from. Anyway, i already know where i’m moving. i’m moving next door to my dads house! its my own house but if i’m ever in crisis i can just pop next door! i’ve got a moving date which is the end of next month. i probably wont spend much time in Norwich any more. I think this is a great move for me. my life is not in Norwich, its living in the stix, that’s where my friends are, where my family is, where my social life is. i’m excited! Hooray! something in my life to be excited about!

That’s all for today folks. i’ll try not to neglect my blog like i have over the last week!

Au Revoir!

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