Pay me some attention!!!

So, more work, more fishing and more nervous excitement! I’ve been quite busy over the last couple of days. a month ago i wouldn’t have thought i would planning the things i am planning, or even being back at work. I really feel personally that i have made massive strides, especially in the last few days.

Work has been good. i’m going onto a phased return so even though its a massive step to get back to work, i need to take baby steps while at work. my current manager has been fantastic. she’s really looked after me and just wants to do the best for me. I don’t know if she’s knows it but even though i don’t really know her she’s really made me feel welcomed back, along with my team, who have also been awesome (awesome, not a word i thought i’d be using). I’m now going into a new team though, i am a bit anxious of this, but its a step towards my future at work. i need the support of a manager, and that is what i wont have now unless i move to a new team. baby steps, but big steps. I am slightly dreading explaining to someone in detail my condition. i hope my new manager is understanding.

So, i didn’t write anything on here last night, this was because i went sea fishing. i know what you’re thinking! ‘tom? sea fishing? noooo? well believe it! ha! I caught 7 codling (small cod) and watched the RNLI (lifeboat people) doing their drills. man that must be hard. they had to motor out of the water into a net, in a boat! some people really are talented! i couldn’t do it! (bragging moment) although, i am qualified to man a lifeboat! But fishing was good. it always gives me time to think about life, and when i’m in the mood i’m in, this is very good. i make plans for the future. i’m not looking towards the distant future, more looking just around the bend, and what lies there for me.

I am excited about moving house! my planning is me wondering how i’m going to decorate my new home. what furniture to get, i need a TV, i don’t own a games console either. what to get, what to get? I got my bonus from work yesterday and i want to spend it! i just cant wait until i have my own space. i can invite friends over, and i can cook naked! (that’s a joke by the way). i’m going to buy a sofa bed so i can have people over to stay, hopefully that’ll be more appealing to people!

On a low note, i am worried that my phone doesn’t work because no matter how many people i text i never have any reply. this does worry me because i’m worried i’m not interesting. same goes for Facebook. i write certain things on there and no responses. i suppose on Facebook its not all the time, but it would be nice to be recognised a bit more. Ohhhh well, i really cant let that get me down. 

I’m off to window shop online for stuff i actually need!


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