things are getting normal!

well, I’ve been at work this week, sorting out moving plans, and had beloved occupational health to talk to. This week has been quite a busy one, it all started really well as well.

I sort of started the week going out for a friends birthday. i had a lot of fun. i played some laser quest! i know i’m not a 10 year old but laser quest is fun at any age! especially as it was boys vs girls! I’ve decided not to drink on occasions as well, which hasn’t spoilt any fun, its just nice knowing i can go to bed and not wake up in the middle of the night throwing up because of a bad reaction from the medication. Even better, it was the girl i like, so it was nice to spend time with her (there were others).

work. work has been good. i did three days this week. i got to know my team members a little better as well. they are all nice. I think i’ll fit into the team quite well. i haven’t jumped in at the deep end. i’ve decided to take things really slow, and that seems to be ok. I tell you what though, i am absolutely shattered by the end of the third day! my manager hasn’t been in though, so i haven’t integrated as much unlike i would have if my manager was there.

occupational health was yesterday. that went ok. she told me that i was ok to stay at work, so long as i take it slow i should be fine, which is what i thought anyway. she just asked me a lot of questions about stress, what happens when i get bad, what kind of people i feel anxious around and loads of other stuff. she thanked me because i could help her explain everything well. Also since Mr X last phoned i haven’t heard anything. he’s supposed to be arranging an appointment for us to meet up so i can talk about my medication and my recovery. Talk to me!

I haven’t had any psychotic episodes for a while now which is quite good, so i’m on the mend for sure! I still get a bit anxious around some people, but who doesn’t? if people don’t get anxious around some people there has got to be a problem there as well! 

At the moment i am spending most of my time at my grandparents. i feel comfortable here. i have told my housemates i’m moving out at the end of April. they seem o.k with it. they are just going to find someone to replace me. i just need to go back there to sort out bills n such. the bank account we use is in my name, so whether i can just transfer into their names all would be hunky-dory (don’t know if i spelt that right). I’ve bought a flashy new television for my new place which i set up at my dads the other day. it can do looooaaaaddds! all i need to do now is get curtains, somewhere to sit, and a set of kitchen knives and i’m sorted! I’m very excited! yes that’s right, i’m excited!!!

So i’ve noticed i havent really moaned on here like i used to do. i hope a lot of people could relate to my moans and groans as it helped me to cope. i hope it helped others.

I’m going now. im going to go up the pub (just for one) to see a friend, or maybe friends.

talk to you later!


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