I came out yesterday!

So, yesterday i announced on here that i was going to announce on Facebook about my illness. To say the reaction was underwhelming is an understatement, but at least i didn’t have any negative comments made about it. I thought i might have got a bit of encouragement from my friends, but alas that was not the case. I suppose in a way i didn’t have as much of a reaction because ive told a lot of important people in my life already, so they don’t need to comment, they are amongst the elite few who know. What a privilege! NOT! It did make me wonder whether no response is negative. i know if i’ve got an opinion that may well not go down well i stay silent, so maybe that’s what people are doing. i do wonder. Thank you WordPress followers for your encouragement, it meant a lot to me, and thanks to those on Facebook that liked and commented! Smiley face!

Well, as i also announced yesterday, i was going to buy curtains for my new place today. i did not do this. i think i’m getting s bit ahead of myself in regards to getting things for my new home. i’m not moving in for another month and i already want to decorate that place! I think i should wait until very near the time to start buying gear for the place. I’m just really looking forward to it! plus, i haven’t got the faintest idea what i’m doing when it comes to curtains. What’s ‘bunching’?! no idea. I’ve really got to start writing a list in regards to what i need. new things pop into my head all the time. I need a bin! I cant wait for that independence of having a house all to myself, which is a privilege i’ve never had. i can walk around in my underwear! weird things to look forward to which i’ve never been able to do! One thing i’m worrying about is if it all goes tits up! they could decide i’m not going to live there, they can deny me what i really want. this would be a nightmare that i just couldn’t deal with. this is why i’ve got to slow things down and buy things closer to the time so everything is A O.K.

I still haven’t heard from Mr X. I am currently waiting for some sort of response from him in regards to how i’m getting on at work, how i’m getting on with my increase in medication, etc. I know funding for mental health in the area i’m in has been reduced, and i really don’t want to be a bother. There are people out there who are a lot worse than i am at the moment, so they deserve to be seen first. All i need is one meeting just to keep in the loop. oh well. just a waiting game.

I’ve also been doing something that’s very therapeutic for me, and that is gardening. when i say gardening, i was just cleaning the pond out. its a big pond and took a while but it was so nice to see the results of a bit of manual labour. The pond looks lovely. My granny has also been out in the garden, so plenty of chatting in the garden. plus! i’ve got to make the most of the good weather that we’ve been getting in Norfolk. It’s sort of like the sunny state of England. It’s very nice. not warm enough for a tan yet though! I’ve got another day off tomorrow so maybe i’ll find something else to do in the garden.

Anyway, this is the first time in a while that i’ve done back to back days of blogging, well done me! i like this malarkey and i think ill make sure i’ll carry on doing it more frequently.

Bye for now!




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