Hello there!

So today i went shopping. i’ve spent money i don’t have on kitting out my soon to be new house. Well, i get paid tomorrow so its all o.k. My favourite thing i bought was a brown shapile rug! yes, i love 70’s decor and i’m not afraid to say it! I bought the more mundane kitchen stuff which i wont go into, but its all exciting for me. Think i might be having a T.V stand sent my way as well. looking forward to that if it comes off, if not i’ve got a back up plan. I’m getting impatient now. i want to move in straight away. now i cant do this because of money and stuff, and the fact that the house isn’t ready yet, but i think i’m allowed to be impatient. its all part of the excitement! Yes, something i’m looking forward to is like the best form of therapy or best medication i’ve ever had. Pah! feck psychosis, i’ve got a cure! (warning, cure might now work for everyone)

I am however back to work tomorrow. more call listening, spending a bit more time with my ‘mentor’ and i think i might try and get myself a bit better known in the team. what i am hoping is that my manager is in. its got to be more helpful for him to introduce me so i’ve got that barrier and i don’t have to be that plonker just walking up to someone and start talking, i’ll feel like some sort of sexual predator! I am terrible though. i want to spend the Whole time at work at the moment. i feel like i’m slacking, and when someone loves their job i imagine its got to be hard to go home early and feel like you’re not pulling your weight. oh well, doctor (and everyone else i know) said i’ve got to go slow, i better listen to them.

onto that dreadful subject of relationships. I feel like everything in my life is getting better because i am getting better, however there is one part of my life that hasn’t changed. i don’t have a girlfriend. i would like a girlfriend but i’m not exactly the type of guy who goes up and introduces himself to a random girl. i’d be worried she’d pepper spray me! i cant even walk up to colleagues to introduce myself! You see it in television programmes where the guy goes u[p to the woman and introducing himself by saying something slimy like ‘how u doin?’ (i love friends), and i just can do that. i don’t think that’s how it work in real life. Girls out there on WordPress and Facebook, please listen and reply. Does this forwardness actually work??? (ironic how forward this question is, i know!) Anyway, i haven’t spoken to the girl i quite like for quite a while. In fact, not since, no, i wont go into specifics. Anyway, i would like a girlfriend, it would just feel like things would just be falling into place. i suppose that’s a bit too much to ask for, but i’ll ask for it anyway, you never know until you ask i suppose. anyway, that’s enough of me advertising myself on here! I’m off to go play with my new toys for the new house!


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