Day by day.

well, today has been a busy day. up early to pick up my medication. actually writing that reminds me that i’ve got to check them. i seem to have a large bag full. hope i’ve got the right ones, they always seem to mess up at the doctors. anyway i’ve already gone off on a tangent. so yes, i got my meds this morning, then off to work, bought some new stuff and picked up my aunty from the train station. so let me start with the beginning of the day, in fact no i wont, i’ll start with last night.

Thunderr storm!!! we had a massive thunder storm last night. we were plunged into darkness for over an hour because of the ferocity of it. i tell you what, houses look really nice in a thunder storm because we lit loads of candles and the house just had a lovely ambience. i didn’t want to go to bed it was so nice and relaxing. you’ve got to love a nice big thunder storm, its a bit of a novelty. i say that but i wouldn’t even be able to write my Blog today if the power was still off. i think something got hit last night as well as three fire engines went past in a very short space of time afterwards. i love it though! Flash! BANG! lights out!

onto today and my body clock has finally won the fight with my medication. i’ve started waking up really early and im not tired. saying that, i woke up at seven this morning and i thought that was just too too early, so i went back to sleep until nine. i can enjoy more of the day which is really nice, and i know when i’m ready to go back to work full time i can cope with the early starts. hooray for me! 

o.k, so i’ve checked my meds now and they are correct, just a new brand. for those out there who haven’t read my Blog far enough back, i take 200mg of Setraline, and 20mg of Olanzapine. they keep me from going crazy! my side effects are wearing off from the increase in medication which is a god thing. took me twenty bloody minutes to get my meds though, and i was double busy!

I’ve practically finished my shopping for the new house! i bought a two piece suite of sofas! they are brown (which is my colour scheme) leather, they are also recliners. i feel posh! they are a 3 seater and a 2 seater, but they are big. really looking forward to sitting on those some more. I love shopping when its for me! all i need now is a t.v stand and coffee table. i thought moving house was supposed to be stressful, but actually this time i’m so relaxed about it all. i think i am more prepared for anything than i ever have been in my life. i do like a plan. i’ve gone from impatient back to excited. these are two very good emotions for me! usually its anxious and depressed. i don’t like them. they are certainly not on the menu!

So went to work again today. some more of the same stuff. listening to calls that advisers were taking, talking to members of the team, and chatting to my old manager. now, in my occupational health meeting i had, the lady said i need to have someone that can check on my every day to sort of just make sure everything is o.k. I think i am going to choose my old manager, and i think he will oblige. he’s absolutely ace, and i couldn’t ask for a better colleague. I did tell a couple of people at work why i’ve been off ill. they couldn’t believe. they had no idea that i would suffer from something like i do. they were taken aback. at least they know now as well. they did ask questions and i didn’t mind answering them. i think its a stepping stone to letting the people in my team know why i’ve been off ill.

I picked up my aunty from the train station in Norwich today. lovely building i will just say. my aunty’s cool. she lives in London so i don’t see her that often. but she’s really mellow and that is really very good for my anxiety because she doesn’t make me worry. This is all in preparation for mothers day on Sunday. my aunty and uncle are coming over tomorrow and my mum is coming over on Sunday. it will be nice to see so much family. i am definitely a family man. nothing is better than family, and i love to spend time with them.

right. i’ve written loads today so i am going to go now. i’m just rambling on about my life. hope you enjoy it!



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