Grubby, stinking work!

So, i’ve just had a shower (i know, too much information) to wash the day off of me. a pretty grubby day to say the least. It all started last night and first thing in the morning. i barely slept all night. i don’t know what it was but all my past memories got me thinking and i just got really caught up in it all. the next thing i know its one thirty in the morning, five hours before i had to be up for work. the worst thing was, i woke up early and couldn’t get back to sleep. now, i’m not the best in the morning, you might get a grunt of acknowledgment from me to say hello, but me with no sleep, i’m dangerous! so, the day obviously started as it wanted to go on. I had to leave work early because i really wasn’t with it, i couldn’t concentrate at all. I was also sitting all on my own today, so not only was i tired, i was bored bored bored bored BORED! so work was a bit pants. i did talk to the boss today and he told me how good i am at my job which is nice, its gives me a little confidence however fleeting that may be. 

Now all i want to do is eat. Stupid dieting, spoils all my fun! however, i do like the rowing machine, i’m not afraid to get on it and have a good go, build up a sweat and actually feel like i’m doing my body some good. I did go to the shops to buy stuff, and i was really good however i did buy some doughnuts (i had no lunch) and ate a couple. just gotta keep working at it and hopefully i’ll see the rewards. i’ll have the body of Usain Bolt any day now!!! 

So i’m feeling a bit better now. I had my shower and it woke me up a bit. so now i’m just sitting here really wanting a nice beer, something to take the edge off the day, something i haven’t had in a while. i’m watching Harry Potter and i’ve got a burning question. Sirius Black is Harry’s God-father and wizards celebrate Christmas, so are wizards religious in Harry Potter. just rambling on a load of nonsense i know. 

On to something else. Yesterday was my fiftieth post on here, and i got 100 followers. that’s two followers a post. i’m really chuffed that people are reading my posts, they mean a lot to me. WordPress really is my sanctuary, my diary. I don’t mind people reading about my life. i like to do the same, read about other peoples lives, not to be nosey, but because people are so interesting. i really do hope im interesting. i just type what comes into my head. 

Anyway, that’s me for today, i could go on and on but i wont bore you.

Au revoir!

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