So, im not going to include this post in what im going to talk about, but its very exciting for me.

i am doing it! im writing the book thing! i dont know what to call it, but im doing it.

my milestone is that ive hit 200 pages. this is just short of 50000 words. i cant believe ive done this!

thanks to wordpress i have managed to do this.

onto other stuff……..ive made an impromptu visit to norfolk. this is on the back of me having difficult times at home. i got in a bit of a heated talk with a family member and felt it best to remove myself from the scene.

now this isn’t me running away. this is me taking time to think about life. its also giving me time to think about what i expect of people. my family have been doing some thinking. they’ve contacted mind and other mental health services to find out more, to get more help, and other things as well.

im being a recluse for the week. ive been writing lots (obviously) which is really good. this is my main focus. that and going to scotland in april. we’ve found a really nice place to stay! need to book it up!

i dont really have much more to say today. i just wanted to make the announcement!

who in earth would read it! :S


One thought on “milestone!

  1. I am very proud of you! Writing is a great escape from reality and to write over 200 pages is mind blowing! I wish you the best of luck with the rest of your piece and never give up because you are already farther than so many others! Congrats!!


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