questions, and no answers.

so, ive decided not to ask questions on here anymore because they never get answered unfortunately. are people afraid to talk about mental health?! (this is a rhetorical question by the way). its been a fairly grumpy household today ive noticed, me most of all. this dog is doing my head in. i cant cope with it. its so frustrating having something so damaging in my life, and i cant really do anything about it! my family seem to be grumpy too. i feel like im rubbing my grumpiness onto them though, which obviously i feel guilty about. i had to get out of the house because of this.

so yes, i got out of the house today. i went to my local shop where i know people. it was ok. i got a bit anxious after a while and had to leave, but until then it was nice. i was with people i feel comfortable around. just to come home to grumpiness. gutted.

ive had some suicidal thoughts today, and i keep seeing spots in my eyes which is annoying, i keep rubbing my eyes.

i dont really know why i am writing on here right now, i dont have much to say. im sure ill think of something though.


3 thoughts on “questions, and no answers.

  1. You’re not doing it wrong. Most people just don’t want to talk about it because they’re afraid that what they say will make ‘us’ go into a tail-spin. Which lets face it, I know that happens to me…just a bit. Sometimes a fresh perspective is nice, but it’s better when you’re with your peeps. Btw, I’m gonna follow you 💜


    1. I understand how r hat would help. I’m following loads of people and talk to them about their problems. I just don’t see results. Maybe I’m doing it all wrong 😦


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