self help.

sao ive decided to talk about some stuff that helps me when im like the way i am.

FAMILY: my family are so important to me. i woul,d do so much for them because they do so much for me. my granny specifically is my rock! when im my worst my granny is her best. i mean, she has answered phone calls in the middle of the night, she has stood by me while i have episodes. she answers countless phone calls from me, every day i phone her and she helps me, talks to me through difficult times, and most importantly makes sense!

god bless them, the rest of my family dont know what to do, but they try. they ask me ‘how can i help?’ i mean, they want to help, but they dont know how to look after me because most of the time i dont know the answer to the question. this is a shame. does anyone else know? i dont know.

SLEEPING: now, this isnt the most productive way of helping myself, but i can get away from the world for an hour or so a day, during the day. i am my happiest when im asleep because i am unconcious! i cant feel dpressed, i cant hallucinate, i cant feel anxious, and so many other things. its actually my best escape. hands up if you can relate to that!

COMEDY!: now i may not be able to tell jokes, in fact im about as good at jokes as david cameron! (see, that was a joke, and it was terrible!) now i love stand up comedy. i love to laugh, i dont do it very often because of my state of mind, but if i can get one laugh out of an hours worth of comedy i can cherish that for a long time. i usually watch comedy or listen to comedy before i go to sleep, this means i can go to sleep happy, in one day hoping i’ll wake up as happy as i slept.

these are probably the three things that help me the most. i think taking your medication is important obviously, going to appointments, and other things like the mandatory stuff.

anyway, im off again now. i hope people can relate to these things.


buh bye!

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