Doggy trials, and stuff!

well, today has been a better day than previous days. a few things have happened today. i’ll run through them one by one.

so, i had my psychiatrist appointment today. i told her about the dog, and how my mood is being affected by it. i told her that its caused me to have psychotic episodes. we talked about how its not actually the dog thats affecting my mental health, its the situation that has been created in the house. so, because there is change in the household caused by the dog and me coming together, there are issues. she told me that there were two choices. one was to get rid of the dog (the easy solution), or to work with the dog to make life better for both of us. so ive decided im going to work with the dog, and we are going to get through this together.

so, thats number one out of the way.

now, im organising something with people!!! yes thats right i am trying to organise. just to let you know, im no good at it. I am having a games night at my house soon, which is exciting. i am really looking forward to it. and ive got some friends coming over. one of the friends has mental health issues aswell, so a bit of common ground (as well as the gaming as well). ive got a prize for the winner!

what else has happened today??? not a lot i dont think. ive just been chilling out, watching some tv, actually went to a shop that wasnt my regular today. ive had someone at home which has been nice, someone to talk to during the day. so, a few achievements today!


let know how your day went perhaps?


P.S. and according to my mum, i still have a good voice!


One thought on “Doggy trials, and stuff!

  1. I went to two grocery stores that had nooo power so all their good food hot tossed. And I chased my baby too and fro. I’m so glad you have decided to work with your dog. We have a dog that seems to know when I have panic attacks, and he is right there for me to lean on. You could form a wonderful bond with your beasty. Make sure you tell me about game night because I might try that with my family and friends…and what games!


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