A little story.

hello there!

so, ive got a little story to tell from when i was at school. at school i was rubbish at French. exam time started and i had to do my french oral exam first. i didnt know what i was going to talk about, but when i say down ready to speak my terrible french i realised there was one thing i wanted to talk about. i wanted to talk about writing a book about myself. i talked and talked and talked for a full 20 minutes in french about writing a book about my life. i got a B! this was huge for me as i was predicted an F! et voila! i managed my best grade! little did i know 9 years later i would have a book published, all about my life. granted my french oral wasnt about mental health, but its funny how this has all come about. i only remembered this today. the only other thing i can remember about that 20 minutes was actually the 21st minute. TRES BIEN! my teacher said at the top of his voice. he was well chuffed!!! i know why now!

the response ive had from publishing my book has been exceptional. both family and friends are really proud of me. i feel like achieved something great in life.

here comes the bit i dont really like, but i really want to do it at the same time. i want to get my story out there, so here are the links to my book.

UK link:


US link:


please take a look!

thank you so much for taking time to read my blog posts. its much appreciated!

Bye for now

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