Soooo much, maybe too much!

YAWWWN! thats how im starting this post (quite literally) because so much has happened in the last couple of days i am very tired. so people, what have i been up to?

as the regular followers know, i’ve published a book, and it really has taken it out of me. all the excitement of it all really piles up. yes, i couldnt get to sleep last night because of it. do you know what though, its weird, because im still feeling a lot of symptoms. no suprise im anxious, but im also feeling really down, im struggling to cope with every day life, even getting out of bed. i do have a solution for getting out of bed though. i tell my self, ‘maybe in a hour’, i shut my eyes and go back to sleep, wake up and hour later and see whether i can do it now. eventually i manage!

so, ive also started a facebook page about mental illness , so i want to see how that goes. i only started it last night, so it’s only just begun! the plan with the facebook page is to help my friends and others unuderstand my illness, and to help people with mental illness and reduce the stigma in mental health, and most of all…..GET PEOPLE TALKING!

ive got to go out tomorrow of friday. just to the shop. ive got pick up some gaming stuff. itll be the first time out in the public after the fateful panic attack the other day. im not looking forward to it. i dont know what im going to do really. i might even get someone else to do it for me. aarrrrrrrggghhh!!!!!!! i hate problems.

Now, as i mentioned a million times before, and once in this blog post, ive written a book. im going to put the links below for the u.k and for the u.s. otherwise i would be here for ages if i had to do every country lol!


U.K link

U.S link


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