Deja vu, part 2!

So, ive had deja vu about 5 times in the last couple of days. i dont know quite what this means, but i know its related to my illness in some way. its such a weird feeling as well. im not talking about the matrix deja vu (where you see something twice in such quick succession), but these feelings of it have been years in the coming. people i didnt even know back in the day, and its happening now. so strange.

so, i no longer have a car. a part of my freedom has gone now. my sisters car broke and she needs one more than me so that my brother in law can get to work, and seeing as i dont work, they might as well have mine. i dont know what bearing that it will have on my life, im hoping not a big one, but we’ll see. ill get another car in good time, and family definitely comes before any posession.

i had my gaming night last night. had some friends over and had a good laugh (sort of). i was anxious the whole night. you know, how you always worry about how things are going, how people are, and all sorts of other things. i think this is only natural (maybe i worry a little more) because its nice to know everyones o.k.

for some reason i am worried about the next week. i dont know why, but i think something bad is going to happen. in the past i have been right about these sorts of weeks as well. i think something bad will happen, and it will. ive just got to wait and see what happens (make sure there are no falling pianos, dont walk under any ladders etc etc….

well i havent got much more to say today, but i will be on here tomorrow im sure.

oh by the way, i wrote a book, please check it out below.

U.K link

U.S link


Bye Bye!


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