say whhaaaaaat?!

so, i havent written on here for a few days. to be honest im trying to remember if anything has happened, and yes it has!

my psychosis is playing a bit part in my life at the moment. im seeing things out the corner of my eye. i mean, i know what im seeing, im seeing frank. im also finding it incredibly hard to get out of bed as well. it shouldnt be this much of a struggle, but it is, and i dont like it! i have no motivation to do anything as well. i can barely type this to be honest, im so tired all the time. ive also been worried about things i have done years ago. things i cannot change, things thaqt shouldnt really worry me but do.

ive also decided to go on holiday with the family next year. im going to scotland this year, which im really looking forward to, and i think the family holiday next year will be to scotland as well. i love scotland, its beautiful! unfortunately while living there i didnt have the best experience, so living there again is a no no.

well……..the big news is that my book is now in the hands of quite an important person when it comes to mental health in the u.k. MP Norman Lamb has expressed interest and wants to read my book, so i have sent him it. i hope he likes it. the work he has done for mental ill health is unprescedented, and he has made a big impact on me personally.

anyway, here is my book……….plaese click the relevant link and buy it, and have a good read. thank you (i hope you like it).

U.K link

U.S link


Bye Bye!


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