Secret psychosis.

last nights sleep was dreadful. i had frank breathing down my neck for ages, it was horrible, scary and fully blown psychosis. what on earth do i do in these situations? this time i just his under my covers and hoped he would go away. every time i looked he was there. i personally have no idea how i got to sleep in the end, but thank goodness i did! Frank is my worst nightmare, and i do believe i saw him because i was doing ink blot tests last night and i saw him in one. to be honest though, i have been seeing him out of the corner of my eye just recently.

like i said yesterday, my family have been suffering a little bit from me. ive been trying to keep my psychotic episodes to myself so that they dont have to worry. actually ive just been keeping all of my worries to myself (and to this blog) so there arent as many troubles in the house.

i talked to my granny today about getting my life in order. she believes i dont necessarily need to do this. she believes small plans will help me more. planning my day, planning an event in the day, or in fact just challenging myself a little bit. at the same time she doesnt even think i need to do this because im not in the right place at the moment.

this is my facebook page where i write stuff about the blog, and also mention things to do with mental illness. please feel free to visit and like it. thank you.

also, my book is on sale on amazon. the links are below.

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Bye Bye!

2 thoughts on “Secret psychosis.

  1. Your granny sounds wise and full of love for you. Please, if you’re psychosis gets worse do tell someone. It’s a terrible thing to feel isolated when that is going on💜


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