Collect me on a wednesday morning.

Guess what?! im extremely tired…………. again. i dont know what it is, it cant be my meds increase because i was always tired before that as well! im getting a bit fed up with it to be honest. my energy levels are now at an all time low. i cant cook (which i love), i can barely get out of bed in the morning, and even eating is an issue! not the poison issue i have now and again, but just the enrgy to do it is too much. i dont know whether i should talk to my doctor about it, he might know why. i need to see him anyway.

ive tried not to call my granny today or yesterday because i think im being a bit too much for her. i call her quite a lot because she helps me a lot, but that doesnt mean i have to call her every day. i am just relying on those people at home to “look after” me. i put it in inverted commas because last night i told one of the people in the house that i was having problems and that i had been hiding it from people because i didnt want them to have another worry, and all they said was that it was a good thing i could hide it. its not a good thing! for me, hising my illness hurts like broken bones! i hate doing it, but i think im going to have another talk with the family so they know where im at.

heavy part now.

i feel like i should be dead now. im not exactly doing anything to help anyone, im not worth a thing, it wouldnt matter if i wasnt on this earth. i should be thrown out with all the other rubbish. i cant see a future in my life. im a waste of space. sorry.





2 thoughts on “Collect me on a wednesday morning.

  1. Hey, how can you say you’re not doing anything?! This blog, your book, sharing your story, you’re helping others every day. Not to mention being a son, grandson, brother, nephew, uncle etc, all very important things to lots of people. Hang in there and let your gp know if things are getting worse x

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