mental health awareness week!

right, its mental health week, and i have no idea what im going to do for it. i thought i’d start by writing on here. first i want to say just how fantastic how our royals are starting a new campaign for mental health. they do so much, and now they’ve taken on something close to my heart. their new charity campaign is already going to be next years london marathon’s official charity. i personally think the younger royals are just amazing, they do so much for the general public, and esspecially for those members of the public that have a stigma attached to them. good on you harry, kate and will.

onto me. the other day i mentioned something wasnt right with me, and i still think im right. it hasnt built up into anything huge yet, but it is building up more and more. i’ve got a very short temper at the moment, im holding a lot of angst in. my anxiety is getting to me, and the one thing that ive been paranoid about for a long time is about to come out i think. its something silly i guess because it contradicts what people call ‘facts’. im not going to say on here just yet, but i imagine this will be where i declare my insane paranoia. i have however had a couple of lucky breaks from my mind in the last few days. i did manage to get out of the house and go to ‘the shop’, which used to be a bubble for me. i really enjoyed myself, had a good time, and i did talk to people, and it seemed like people were happy to see me. we also had our tenth barbeque of the year yesterday, and we had a lot of people over. yes, they were all family, but just because theyre family doesnt mean my anxiety is reduced. there were loads of people. i did the barbie, and fed the five thousand (well, thats what it felt like anyway).

im sleeping a lot at the moment as well. i got a good thirteen hours sleep last night, maybe a bit too much i know, but im struggling to get out of bed in the morning, typical with my depression, i sort of just roll out of bed in the morning to get myself up, but today i heard a wasp, thought it was in my room, so jumped out of bed and started looking for it. this problem of getting out of bed just reminds me that im not really ready for a job, not if i cant even get up in the morning. of course there are other reasons i cant get a job as well. i just feel for my old bosses who had to quite literally take care of me.

right, i havent done this in a while, but im going to advertise my book on here. people have told me its really insightful into the life of someone with mental ill health.

UK link:

US link:

please take a look!

thank you so much for taking time to read my blog posts. its much appreciated!

Bye for now

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