im sitting here wondering about my earlier post, and im sorry. i didnt mean to rant, i didnt mean to offend people, and i really really didnt want to offend peoples perspectives on life. sure, i know i dont appreciate some things, but other people do. i thought all this after i wrote what i wrote, and i wish i hadnt written it. anyway, ive apologised, and that is that.

ive had too much time to think today to be honest. i was worrying at one point that my family had all died and i was going to be all alone for the rest of my life. i had to make phone calls to make sure they were ok…………..they were. but i did get really worried at one point. i hate being at home alone, this sort of stuff happens, and it always scares me.

i can tell my psychosis is heading back to the forefront of my mind, and im preparing myself for it. ive got my depression, anxiety and paranoia, all thats left is the psychosis, its just a waiting game.

anyway, im not alone now, ive had some relaxing time, im a bit tired, and im not thinking quite so much at the moment. this is all good stuff.


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