No one wants to play with me!

so, the title says it all really (and no, im not being a child). ive been home alone all day……aaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllll day!!! and boy has it been hard to keep myself occupied! people come home and they want to do nothing, absolutely nothing. so, i spend all day being bored, people come home, and possibly, just possibly, im more bored. this is not good. i need to talk, i need to be active. i hate just sitting about. ill start pacing soon, then someone will comment on me pacing, they know what it means, but they wont do anything about it. all this bored time gives me time to think, and this is why i need to be active. i hate thinking, its very bad for me. it turns my mood horribly, and ill end up falling again (because the last couple of days i havent been too bad, just blips) so ive come on here! i thought i would do some writing, but im a bit stuck for words, yes, me! stuck for words. i dont know what to write about, i havent been doing anything all day. all i can write about is my sleep. i am sleeping bad. going to sleep late, waking up early, and broken when i am sleeping. i doubt this is helping me in life at the moment.

well, thats it, ive run out of things to say so im going to go.


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