Sleep deprivation.

Just a shortish one as I’m on my phone writing this. Things aren’t getting any better. Paranoia has set in now and that’s never good. I’m gunna find it hard to sleep because of it as well which is t good either seeing as I didn’t have much sleep last night. I’m low at the moment, and I think I’m one step away from a psychotic episode as well. I hope it comes and goes quite quickly. Can’t be doing with anything else right now. My silly support worker didn’t come in the end as well, which means I’ve had to bottle up a lot and keep it bottled up. There are some things you can’t tell family and friends, no matter how much you want to. 

Also, by the by, if I have a paranoid thought and I do tell you, don’t just tell me what I’m thinking isn’t going g to happen, I am just not going to believe you. Just don’t do it.

Heels a picture of my tattoo by the way. It’s upside down at the moment, but it’s my hallucination of frank. Yes, it’s the thing from donnie darko, and no, I have no idea why I see that specific hallucination. Just related to the character I guess. I dunno.

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