Ladies, food, and independent dependency.

im tired. tired, and tired of a lot of things to do with my mind. so, ive been trying to keep myself busy by cooking. i made flapjacks, cider and dinner today. i also made a lovely soup. butternutsquash and lime soup to be precise. however, now ive run out of energy. my mind isnt focused anymore. im still trying to fight it, which is why im writing on here. i need focus, but more importantly i need the enrgy to focus, and i dont have it. im trying to focus on the paralympics as well. infact, team GB just won gold in the cycling. ive mentioned it once, ive mentioned it twice, and three times a lady! yes, i think i need a lady to focus on. i want to focus all my attention on someone i really care about. maybe its because i want some attention back as well. i dont know, but i need a relationship i think.

anyways, breezing over what i just mentioned, i havent been getting enough attention this last week or two. i know why, because people have lives to get on with. i dont want to stop people getting on with their lives. people have work, chores, projects, and why should i stop them? it just means ive had to look after myself while ive been a state. ill just have to keep trying to fight it on my own.

im not going to write much tonight as i am really tired. i dont even know if many people read this. i could look at stats, but are those important? i just want to write down how im feeling. anyway.


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