lies, and self obsession.

so, im going to write a little bit more today, because i need to.

yesterday’s blog post was a bit of a lie. i want to move on with my life, but i dont feel like i am. i know what i want, what i need, what i know i should do, but im not doing it. i mean sure, sorting out my illness is one thing, but i dont want my illness to be my whole life. i mean, its a chunk, but i dont want it overwhelm my independence. thats right! i did just admit that my illness gets in the way of me, and my illness isnt…….me! anyway, i digress.

right. so im bored to tears right now. i am literally on the verge of crying its so bad. i need a bit of something in my life to get me active, get me exhillerated! get my passions going. im yet to find this, or may have found it, but it hasnt found me. i dont know. i know i want something anyway.

might shave the facial hair off tonight though. think ive had enough of it.

i dunno, i need to go look at myself in the mirror and sort myself out, afterall, no one else really helps with this sort of thing in my life. a lot of the time people just want to talk about themselves nowdays. anyway, who am i to talk, i write about myself on here all the time. i suppose the difference is, people can choose not to listen to me.

losing a bit of faith in mankind again. oh well.

Buh bye.


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