messed the beginning up!

im sitting here watching the vicar of dibley, and im thinking. my life is empty. i mean, there is stuff in my life. you know what………..i’ll start again.

i need some closeness in my life! i dont feel close to anyone or anything. i feel distant from everything. i want some closeness in my life. you know, someone to talk to everyday, someone to cuddle everyday, someone to share all my troubles with. i dont have this, and i wish i had it. i see other people flaunt what theyve got without them knowing how lucky they are, and its really frustrating!

anyway, i dont want to say a lot today, however i do want to mention the fact i havent taken my meds for the last couple of days, and i dont really think it has affected me at the moment. im not going to get into the habit of it because these two times were accidents. so, if im off for the next couple of days, this is the reason.

bit of weirdness now. i wrote a long winded rant the other day on here, and lots, and i mean LOTS of people read it, yet i still had no response from anyone about my blog, and my post was all about people not saying anything to me about my illness. just thought that was funny, in an unfunny way. ohhh well.


right, im off.


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