The Cafe Club, Norwich! 

So, I’ve been a bit of a regular at the Cafe Club in Norwich. It’s a small cafe looking up at the castle on King Street, joining rose Lane. Its petite, and cosy, but enough room to sit down and have an amazing coffee, while chatting to the friendly faces of the 2 (and I sometimes think 3) people who work there. The coffee is ground in the café, and is sooooo tasty! I’m a latte drinker personally, and a skinny one at that! At home I usually have a sugar, but not here, the coffee is so good without, and an espresso hits the spot from the cafe club! It’s open early for those getting to work (me), or for those exhausted shoppers on their way back to Rose Lane car park. Oh yeah, by the way, you can also get a delicious light lunch from here as well, locally sourced and ethically. 

I know I’m no coffee shop reviewer, however I do write on here often, so I thought I would change what I talk about for a change. If you go to Norwich, visit the cafe club! 

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