5,6,7,8! (only 5) (the Michael Buble getaway eight)

Theres a new guy working behind the bar. Hes new to me anyway, I imagine hes worked here for a while. Oh yeah, im back at the Fairfax now, I have a soft drink and peanuts (why not) and im writing this. While I was walking back I realised that the paranoia im getting at the moment is the fleeting sort I have. It sort of underlies any bigger problem I have at the time. I was very alert to any noise while walking along. I get that thought of people spying on me from the undergrowth. This sort of thought doesn’t bother me really, but maybe it should, I don’t know that but what I do know is im ok with how I am about these thoughts.

It seems ive hit a momentary block on writing so I thought id write this to see if it would help……….its not helping. Ill go for a smoke, see if that helps.

Lunch time here is flowing snf itd rather busy. I remember now that when I was walking back here that I thought I probably speak a lot better through a pen than through the hole in my face. Thinking about it, unless I am speaking in a professional way im probably not the best at choosing my words. In a job role I am awesome at it, my track record before I left work shows this! My job was to teach people how to speak to customers well, and it was to train people on how to deal with mitigating circumstances properly. I just helped people with customer service skills I suppose, but the ones that mattered most I think, how to treat a customer like a human and not just work. Weirdly, even though I was outstanding at that job (seriously, I was good at stuff once) I wouldn’t actually go back to that sort of career.

Maybe I should become a mute. However Joey Tribiani (from friends) once said ‘ when a blind man gets his site back, does he walk like this?’ *does blind man walking impression (in my head, I will look like a berk doing it in the middle of a pub for seemingly no reason)*. I think what im saying is, because I have that ability I should make the most of it. This all makes sense to me by the way, probably not to you but that doesn’t matter! (I suppose it does 😉 …)

While ive been here ive written well over five thousand words. I am in fact thinking about how I should present it all. Im also just going to put a little test right here for a few people (because im probably not going to talk verbally to anyone about this). Tell me ‘ I took notice’ once you’ve read all of this and then I know this isn’t all wasted on those people.

I forgot to say! Its valentines’ day. Its been in my head for a whoel ten minutes so far today which I think is about 2% of my entire day so far, which is great! And while im thinking about it, its just been having fun on twitter with all things comedy about valentines’ day. My favourite poem so far is a rhapsody on a classic, tell me if you’ve heard it, it goes as follows……

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Except violets aren’t blue are they

Everything you’ve been told is a lie.

*Broken heart*

Ok, so it doesn’t rhyme, but I like a bit cynical comedy on a day where this isn’t supposed to exist. By the by, I have zero problems with valentines’ day, it’s a lovely day, and I really hope you had a lovely day!

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