Absent tales of life.

I’ve got to remember that life is interesting even without embellishments. I like to cover up my real life to keep distance. If I can make someone believe something I want to do (have done for twenty years) I shouldn’t abuse it for some sort of pretend excitement. I can lie about who I am, I let myself, doesn’t make it right that I should use it for everyday use. When I get uncomfortable it happens, I know, but I guess life’s interesting without it.

I hate it myself, so why do it for myself. Not impressive, not fun, causes anxieties and just makes things more difficult!

Anyway, I’m home now (ish) I’m at me mams house. Got some time to think n stuff. Good think……plan!

Wish I was more interesting, and not just in some sort of study way, unusual isn’t good interesting.

Glad I got more comfy over the last few days. Had the opportunity to speak normally in the end. Got to remove some odd things about me that I hopefully can scrap for good.

Just remember, I have to be myself, let people know my life as it is, and not what I think people would find interesting.

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