Me and Mrs Jones, my favourite Buble cover (the Michael Buble getaway eight)

Twenty past eleven at night and this is my last blog post of this stay. Have a feeling this might seem like some weird acceptance speech, but I’ll try and make sure its odd and try not to sound like a just won an award.

Wow, I didn’t prepare a speech or………………no no, no Oscar stuff.

Nah, ive had a great time. Ive done next to nothing, this includes thinking, which is important to me because yeh, I do a lot of that shit! I needed to relax, and my wishes were Granted when I came here. If you’ve read previous blog posts to me going away and then read my blog posts while ive been away there has been a stark difference. I haven’t really written for a while on here. A couple of times maybe, but no long term typing like a couple of years ago, this is going to change for sure. There were only brief moments in the last few days where I’ve thought about anything south of York, and this is exactly what I wanted. Tommy did good (told you this would be an easy one!). im heading back tomorrow morning but im stopping at my mum’s for a couple of days on the way. It’ll be nice to see her, her man and him. At this point ill probably start worrying about home life again, but I need to wake up and smell the roses, I don’t think life will be exactly the same now, I will probably go back to working outdoors in some way or another. I reckon a bit of full time volunteering is in order, and probably a few reality checks along the way as well. At least I get to see all the wildlife again, see and hear birds that are hidden from almost any human, see the beautiful Lilies swaying in the wake of the boat as I dive down a dyke to work, and I can create some more memories with new people. Im really going to try my hardest to keep this mindset, try and focus my energy on stuff that will help me perhaps overcome some of my life’s obstacles, (like not writing when I’m anxious *sees first post and regrets it* I have to stick to my code though, no edits) it’ll be just like Jamestown! Gunna create myself a new community! (fuck you spellcheck, ‘gunna’ should be a word)

Will you help me guys? I will probably need a hand and I’d really appreciate it.

Wish me luck…………….


P.S. A-M, your name goes with nothing. Honestly, I am stumped.

By the way, I wrote this on Word, so the amount of red lines under words that should have commas is like a blood-fest of butchered punctuation, but im the only person who can see them, so it doesn’t matter (even though ive pointed it out now, the stupid Donald Duck Dodo that I am).

Also by the way, im sitting in front of the computer not wanting to press save because I know as soon as I do I’ll miss all this writing malarkey, I sort of don’t want it to stop. Awwwwww, here goes!

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