No good songs with a three (the Michael Buble getaway eight)

Ok, im back. So now I will write about Helmsley castle now, but first ill just say my lunch was nice. Yes the weather was horrible and I did eat outside, but I ate there no less. I went to a little bakery (not momma’s little bakery (friends joke)) and I had a pasty and one of those French shortbread finger things with chocolate. It was all lovely, and I also bought some chutney to take home with me, perhaps for my mum or my granny, but I don’t currently have any of my own at home, so I might just keep it for myself. Looks delicious! Anyway, onto the castle.


Now, I love Norwich castle, its fascinating, but unlike Norwich castle Helmsley castle has got the atmosphere perfect so that you feel you’ve been transported back in time. The castle was built in the eleventh century, and its big!!! It has a huge main tower at the front and later the Tudors built another big part, more of a big house/mansion type of thing. Anyway, it was refurbished to pretty much exactly how it was back in the day, and they had the original wood panelling and everything. All you needed to top it off was a fat man with six wives and mission would have well and truly been accomplished! I took lots of pictures, not because of thoughts, but hopefully for some memories. I just realised typing this up that this is a bit boring. Sorry about that!

P.S the castle has two moats, that’s how good the castle was.

Anyway (again) just been chatting to some of the staff at the Fairfax arms (where im staying)(also apologies if I write random weird and rude song lyrics, im listening to Tim Minchin at 10am, not the most normal time to listen to him, but there you go) and they asked me if they were included in my blog posts so far. I shall write about them now, even though I was going to write about the Fairfax arms at a later date. They are probably the friendliest staff ive met (and ive been to local in Dundee as an Englishman). They somehow make me feel interesting. I found a really nice beer as soon as I walked in called ‘leeds pale’ sold as being a ‘refreshing session bitter’ (I was sitting right in-front of the tap when I was writing this). The food’s really good although breakfast is too early for me, but it could be at eleven-thirty and it would probably still be too early. Urgh, tomorrow is valentine’s day as well which mean the place will be full of people celebrating their love for each other. I have no problem with this, I just can’t do the same thing, so I will probably just slunk (Grinch words) off to my room after dinner. I will write more about my stay/experience at the Fairfax arms, and of course (if they manage to find this) I will be highly critical of the staff im sure! Better treat me well!!!!

Im nearly ready for bed now so I will stop writing.

Talk later!


Just to say, me mentioning the Fairfax arms staff was not forced, and a mention of inclusion would never make me just include them, am happy to do so! Just didn’t know I would do it so early in the week (Tuesday). Also, the Fairfax arms didn’t ask me to write this. Wow paranoia! I am known for it funnily enough! Right, I am off now.

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