Seven minutes in heaven (the Michael Buble getaway eight)

Turns out my next stop is back at the hotel/inn/………….thing. annoyingly fifteen minutes after I started walking back the weather decided to clear up, I didn’t feel like going back again so I just carried on. I think I might go to Helmsley again this afternoon to visit a book shop, but I don’t know if I can be bothered because of the beer headache and tiredness. Im eating lunch hear for the first time as well, something nice to warm me up and fill me up!

I don’t think my head is working at 100% today. I sort of keep drifting away or zoning out completely, its annoying. Im thinking this might have sparked from a conversation at home last night. I caught myself trying to sort out problems at home when it’s the place I want to think about last while im away, especially trying to sort out problems! I put a stop to the conversation but perhaps caught it too late, and now I have a mushy head. Its no ones fault but my own, I need to make sure I limit thinking about problem after problem.

I leave tomorrow. Im thinking I might call my mum and find out if I can stay there for a couple of days. I think I might have already written it, but I think I need to ease back into life again after these few days. Breaking up my journey home will be good as well, even though I like driving, driving somewhere you don’t really want to go isn’t that fun.

Ooo! I managed to run out of ink in one of my pens today, and I got weirdly proud of myself (does that sound right? Worried it might sound like I got a bit freaky with pride, if you know what I mean) because I don’t think I have ever, in my life used a pen from start to finish, has anyone? Mine usually brake before. Im also creasing through these pages, ive written about 30 now! Im a writing mad man, not writing ‘like’ one!

Ive got to know Michael buble (it has the thing above the e, but I don’t know how to do that on my computer, so live with it guys) quite well since ive been here. Hes a good singer, sort of this generations rat pack member. I prefer seth macfarlane’s tones though. Pretty sure ive been born in the wrong time for my singing voice. I keep my crooner voice my own little secret. Ive never had to perform a crooner song live, so its all mine. I might have sung to a girlfriend once, but that’s it, and shes not here anymore, so it doesn’t keep the ladies around! This is my favourite genre of music, showtunes are all well and good but I completely relax singing some Nat King Cole or some Blue eyes. Oh and when I say ive got to know buble (‘), hes not here, but hes certainly the most played Christmas music artist in the hotel (thanks bar staff person for pointing THAT out! Heh).

***Jeez ive written a lot today, still got like three pages to write up***

Im pretty sure ive set up a man date for tonight at the bar. I might be stealing one half of last nights couple I was talking to. If it happens it happens, if I don’t it don’t.

I have been thinking I might come back here in the future. I might do it as more of a holiday than a getaway instead. There are a lot of places to walk and a lot of things to see. Ooooo, eavesdropping! The people eating lunch behind me are talking about Norfolk (that’s where im from) and they have been for the last half an hour. Grrr, they aren’t talking loud enough for me to hear properly though, im just hearing random places in Norfolk and then a random passasge such as this doozie! ‘it was lovely, brown and gooey’ in that way a person talks about something lusciously. Im more hoping they are talking about food, because brown and gooey does not sound lovely and luscious!

Gunna zip back to the singing thing quickly……..i was just wondering if the concert for my late singing teacher is still on, and if it is I want to know if they still want me to sing at it. I know the music he loved, and I would also like to sing something that he was really proud he taught me to sing, just means I would actually sing a crooner song, I’d do it in a heartbeat, he gave me my ultimate getaway, singing. Im actually feeling quite emotional right now. Whats more awkward, blind man impression in the bar on my own for no reason or crying over a journal on my own in the bar? Im  doing one of these right now, don’t think anyone can see but that person there. Feel like a bit of a div. huff.

Woah! Just seen my local new online and there are a couple of humdingers for headlines! So, the busiest road out of normal is temporarily shut because of a pothole! I heard one local resident has been affected, and he went the wrong way anyway because hardly anyone leaves Norfolk! Secondly, and this one is in my home town, two people have been caught…………….’frolicking’ behind Tesco. Apparently the brother and sister’s parents have been told so that’s ok. I wonder if I know who they are! (big BTW, the brother sister thing was a joke, its Norfolk)

I personally cant remember a bigger news day for Norfolk since that tree blew over and the police caught a wrong’un on a single day in 1995!

Ah, I just did that embarrassing film moment thing. I looked up and someone was looking towards me so I cracked a smile. Turns out she wanted the attention of the person behind me. She was quite attractive, but ive not gone away to look at people so I will carry on looking at no one for any amount of time.

I wonder if I look like some snooty writer person who sits there nursing a diet coke for hours, looking off into the distance and thinking up quite profound…………..stuff. well im sorry, but im not that at all! This is my second diet coke. I do worry about how people perceive me for some reason (some reason, what a joker I am. The reason is my messed up brain), it doesn’t really matter I suppose. But, do people think im a loner? Do they think im odd? Do they think im some sort of psycho?!?! They would be closest with the last one im sure. I do think im quite a light-hearted mood right a this moment. Im feeling a bit daft actually. I love daft, theres not enough of it in the world. Sometimes the most serious stories need to be looked at in a silly way. Hearing about Brexit, Trump and politics in general aaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day and night gets on my nerves. Lets all take a break from argueing and worrying about the end of the world and lets just be silly for a bit! Lets have a costume party and play twister. Im not wearing 70’s heels to this party!!!! Life isn’t a job, a job in life is a job, but life isn’t one. Everything else should be something you want to do, and it turns out I want to dress up and play games………………….oh dear me!

News flash: Norfolk MP says stuff about mental health but still doesn’t do anything practical to sort it out!

People who struggle to leave their houses because of mental health problems do more than this MP to help others. This guy thinks hes an ambassador for sorting out a mental health crisis, all he does is say things like ‘I don’t think words like psycho and mad should be used’. Christ! I suffer bad and I know ive used them words in the latest blog posts! Come on Norm, pull it out and start doing some proper work on it, yeah?

Bye guys!

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