Busy day for me! Life’s a thing isn’t it!

Things happened today. a bit of half and half. i had to go to the doctors this morning because my rash is starting to come back, and that needs nipping in the bud straight away. i am not having that come back. i dont think this doctors appointment will help though, it quite happily spread even when i was trying to sort it out. oh well, this will be fun to deal with in the coming weeks im sure, i just got to mentally prepare myself.

i did get further with the volunteer stuff today. i got a call from someone from the braods authority and they want to meet up with me next week to chat about how i can volunteer. im meeting where i used to volunteer from as well. really looking forward to it. i just hope i dont get turned away.

i talked to someone from the newspaper, i watched a space rocket launch from spacex and i went to the shops to buy as little food as possible to get me as far as possible! these things happened. dont know if i’ll be in the paper tomorrow, but if i buy it ill find out. my local paper is awesome on mental health. i think they really do cover it well, cover all aspects from professional to personal. ive been in it before because of mental health. im happy to talk about it. i wouldnt write this if i wasnt happy to talk about struggles, achievements, day to day living and other stuff, all things to do with my mental health issues really. i reckon if more people talked openly about their problems when they happen the human race would sort out problems a lot quicker, and will avoid future problems. this wont happen though, i think its also human instinct to keep things quiet sometimes so that people think problems wont be caused. actually, more problems are caused from keeping quiet. people just have to learn to reveal their issues properly. i did like the space launch today as well, it was cool. they tried to catch the nose cone of the rocket this time. they failed but that doesnt matter, they are trying new things all the time. the nose cone of the rocket costs six million dollars. if i had the opportunity to not throw away six million dollars i would choose it! the shop was important as well. i think its the first time ive been out since ive been back from yorkshire (other than the doctors, but i practically live there at the moment).

i dont think i need to do much else in my life right now. im moving forwards slowly and this is good. so long as im moving in a forward motion its good. #

now, celebs go dating is on so im going to watch it. ive never in my life watched it before but it seems very appealing for no reason. i can think of no reason other than it seems interesting.


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