The wait for therapy is back on…..

after months of trying to get some sort of therapy session my first appointment for tomorrow has been cancelled and cant be rearranged yet. this is not good. i dont know if you can tell from my previous posts, but i feel like i am going to explode with frustration. ive got so much on my mind right now and i need some help with it. there are a lot of places i need help but i know that all of the help i need i wont get, in fact i am lucky to be in the place where my appointment tomorrow got cancelled, thats how much help people with mental health problems can expect professionally nowadays. personal help doesnt exist in my life, i have sort of come to terms with it. i would like personal help and i know there is still some hope that one day it might happen but for now it wont happen.

im not alone today. someone is here all day and who knows if thats a good thing or not. i mean yeh, i know i want to actually be able to talk to someone today, i want to be able to ‘socialise’ with someone. i think i will just have to make the conversation light today.

im not going to write anything else.


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