‘So watcha want’…..to achieve the below!

volunteering interview tomorrow. i want the snow to completely hold off now until 11am tomorrow, i will be a lot happier with that.

the same circle is happening that always happens as well. things get too much, nothing happens, i keep it quiet for a few months and then things get really really bad, someone does something (which is very appreciated) and then nothing happens after that, the circle will always continue. there is no air of change this time, no different feeling. i am in a constant battle to break the circle, send the same story on a different path for once and see what happens. maybe this time is that time, maybe i need this moment to say something to people.

what i also know is that i’m going to start volunteering and this will change a path in my life. sitting in the same room of a house for 99% of my waking life for the last 3 months will stop. i will be in the fresh air, i will be active in a place i love and am proud to come from, the Norfolk Broads!

i can perhaps change two paths in my life this week, and because all of my current paths are leading nowhere i will be grabbing this opportunity by both hands.

Now, im off to pretend to be Mix-master-mike while listening to the Beastie Boys. ‘whats the time? it’s time to get………..better!’ (its actually ‘ill’, but thats not what anything i write about is about!)


P.S. my rapping skills are terrible, i cant mix either, and my ability to do the robot to intergalactic is embarrassing!

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