Music in the snow.

yes it snowed quite a lot so my reason for being in the house is a valid one for today. my interview got postponed because of it, and it sounds like its going to be pretty naff in the U.K for a few days yet.

another music day for me today. ive started to remember what music i really do like. being a teen in the noughties automatically means i like at least a little pop punk, i actually like a lot of it. why not though? its almost always fun and funny! blink 182, sum 41, bowling for soup and good charlotte to name a few! my favourite band is actually Muse but i havent listened to them for a little while, it just makes me more happy when i hear their music randomly, like in olympic figure skating routines! listening to more paramore now, like this album a lot so it will play it until im sick of it then listen to it in a few months and it will be new for me again. im useless at remembering music, not good for someone who sings! bonuses of listening to music right now is that i can dance to it and no one can see me, i can dance how i like!

snow without anyone to enjoy it with is pretty rubbish so im staying away from it to a degree. i can just watch videos of people skiing and snowboarding in my local city of Norwich (a fine city).

i might show someone all that stuff i wrote the other day. i might look at it beforehand though because i want to make sure its the correct details, plus i got a bit angry at one point and i want to make sure it doesnt show in what i was writing about. its all about help so if i was writing while aggravated it probably wont make much sense.

SpaceX are supposed to launch their next rocket just after 5.30am GMT tomorrow. its a pretty cool launch because they are trying new things. they are trying to catch the fairing (nosecone) in a giant net on the back of a ship, and the landing style is new as well because the rocket is coming in hot (im pretty sure) and will be landing on their drone ship ‘of course i still love you’. keep an eye out live on YouTube or it will be a video on there straight after it finishes its live broadcast.

have fun in the snow and be safe!

bye bye!

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