Rest of the week plans….I need some!

i went to my informal interview for volunteering today, it was not what i expected and the interviewers quickly realised this. i was having an interview for something i hadnt even applied for which was odd to say the least. i was honest and told them i was looking for something different and they said they can help me out which was cool. hopefully ill get some information on what i do want to do. im just a little worried that the amount i want to volunteer might be restricted by the organisation (it seems they dont do much anymore, i might be wrong though). i hope they did realise i was eager, just not to do what i was being interviewed for.

i went to the shops on my own today as well. it wasnt that great, but i did it! i bought half the stuff i went in for and half the stuff i bought i didnt need, but thats usually how shopping is for food goes! who cares if i was looking over my shoulder every five seconds (no exaggeration) and i was very anxious, oh well.

im thinking about what on earth i can possibly do for the rest of the week, i dont really have many options open for me which is annoying. just to be clear, going out really isnt a good option for me, im not comfortable with it at all. i know i have to sort out benefit stuff which is frustrating, its got to be done though. i could bake i suppose. i dont really have much to work with in the house but ill think of something im sure, perhaps a tart/quiche/shortcrust sort of thing, lets also see if i have the motivation. i have to get my meds tomorrow probably as well. im currently on………..too much medication. medication hasnt ever really helped me but i persevere with it because it makes my family and doctors happy, even if it does cause me some horrible physical side effects.

well i have nothing more to say thats even slightly interesting to anyone but myself so im going to go.



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