blowing smoke, less hair, and poisonous paranoia!

the poisoning thing in salisbury isnt good for me at all. im getting back to palonium ( hopefully thats how you spell it) paranoia. i cant get back there, it took me years to get over that worry. i wont go into details, but i will say its distressing for me when i think that sort of thing in such detail. hopefully i can move past this problem quickly.

i got a hair cut, its better than before, although im not sure if its working for me, im a bit bland on appearance, this isnt that bland. it makes me feel a little cleaner which is good. i forgot to call the doctors today as well. that was a pain. im trying some moisturiser for my skin to see if that helps, its not burning when i put it on, not like last time. if it gets worse over the weekend i will take a trip to the doctors, an unnecessary trip as mentioned in a previous post.

i have joined the vape club as well. i think its about time i did something about my smoking habit. i only bought it today so i will see how it works for me over the coming weeks, ill plan out some sort of vape regime and hope it works out. this is an attempt to look after my physical health a little more. trying to get onto the volunteering activities so i can do some physical activity, and the vaping might help my lungs live a little longer.

i know what youre thinking………flashy haircut, vaping, (i have a beard), am i a late hipster? nah, im in no way cool, trying to be cool, while at the same time looking like a knob, i just do that last bit naturally somehow!

still procrastinating over whether i should let someone see what i wrote about mental health help. there is a lot of stuff in it that would help me, help those who want to help me, and hopefully, from information from other people who have mental health issues, it might help others as well. i think it might need more information though, perhaopps input from someone who is trying to help me. they might have their own ways of helping me (that a really havent seen), or perhaps ive told them something in the past that i havent included.

right, im off to pretend to smoke.




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