Silly sleep and the weight of my lifestyle.

beach yeh

to my bemusement i have actually lost weight (sort of). at the beginning of December i had lost over a stone (15lbs to be exact) in weight. i got physically rather ill after this and managed to put on 20lbs in the same time it took for me to lose 15. well, ive managed to lose some of that weight again. ive now lost 13lbs since i put my weight back on. i havent really been trying that hard either. i think my body didnt really want to have all that weight on it, i am walking more than when i was ill (i wasnt going anywhere when i was ill) and ive managed to sort my diet out a little more. all good things. this wasnt to lose weight, they were just things to sort my lifestyle out a little. if i start volunteering again i know this will also help, i will be doing physical activity and i wont have a fridge full of food near me at all times. im still grossly overweight at 18stone-11lbs, but i can work from here to reduce those numbers, hopefully without even trying to lose weight.

after my mind playing games with me last night (see last post poem) and not being able to sleep, i ended up getting some sleep and woke up this afternoon, woops! i needed it the sleep really. i need to be able to get sleep when i can, i have no sleep pattern, i suppose if i did it would be to fall asleep at 3am and wake up at 9am, and for me, and most others, that isnt that great. so after waking up i decided to beach it again. i cant understand what the tides are doing right now, they are all over the place with tide height and stuff. i say this because the sea was really angry today and was quite high up the sea wall, this meant my walk had to be a little shorter, i didnt fancy getting wet walking back to my car. for these reasons i didnt crack out the pen and paper.

ive written quite a lot on here recently so im going to cut this short, i dont want to run out of things to say in the future. catch you all later.



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