Sunshine, empty mind.

im back at the beach (what a shock) and this time im accompanied by someone so my walk has been quite chatty today. we’ve just been taslking about everything around us, sort of appreciating the environment, which is often what i do when im at the beach.

im actually handwriting this with my trusted pen and paper, yes! i managed to get out this week and do it! its absolutely glorious out here, itss a litle windy but the sunshine is beaming down, apart fsrom the breeze its actually a bit warm, so im tucked out of the wind against a groyne right now. ive got to lap up this sunshine before the weekend, apparently its going to be awful, a ‘beast from the east 2.0’ sort of thing, not good when i live on the east coast of the U.K. i tell you what, sitting here, the wind is noiser than the sea as it blows through the gaps of the sea defences. two different whooshing sounds, both of them lovely.

i took a couple of pictures of the beach today, one of them i really like, and the other shows just how much ruined defence there is for the cliffs behind. poth pictures show the power and nature of the beast which is the ocean. the cliffs look amazing right now as well. they are so many different colours, they are eroded in different parts giving them a wonderful texture. because the cliffs are being eroded there are a few fossils on the sand (yes, there is sand today) which glow amber in the sunshine.

its obvious why i love the beach. the whole time ive been here today i havent thought about mental health issues (im not writing this bit at the beach). i dont have any anxieties, im not feeling low, there is no paranoia or pretend influences ive made up. to go to somewhere and forget about everything is brilliant, it gives me the opportunity to relax. i would really urge someone to find somewhere they can relax beyond any other place. my place seems to be the beach now. whether it a woodland, a walk near a river, up a mountain nearby, or even the beach, find your place to forget. i suppose it could even be in a book or engrossed in a hobby. just surround yourself by it and hopefully it will help you forget. i dont usually give advice, but this is something i know has always worked for me, sometimes i struggle to find that place, but ive found it for now.

im going to leave the pictures i took at the bottom of this post, so scroll down if you want to see some really amateur pictures taken from a phone.


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