I’m not sorry, AND i like romantic sit-coms!

i know ive been doing a lot of these lately and im not sorry! this is really helping me right now, im managing to get things off my chest, im ‘talking’ out my problems and seeing some sort of improvement through my writing.

im starting to get a little bored right now i have been the last couple of days, i dont know why but i think it might be because im actually doing stuff, sounds weird i know, but any time im not doing anything i need something to do. i went to the beach today which gave me something to do, i took pictures of course. this volunteering might really help me keep me occupied, i also think it will wear me out enough when im not doing things so i wont be bored. i think this all makes sense, so there you go. i will be getting some order to my life and thats the best thing.

when i was walking at the beach i was a bit pre-occupied with my thoughts, it was a little annoying to be honest. its annoying when i make up scenarios for things because i get caught up in believing those things. it starts just with believing them, then it turns into a paranoia of thinking quite disturbing things, things that frighten me, things that would frighten anyone if they thought they were true. its not often that ive come away from the beach to relax my thoughts a little more, however i did manage to sift through the bad thoughts just before i got back to the car, that helped. i had a bath when i got back (sorry) and just relaxed. music and US romantic sitcoms have been my afternoon.


One thought on “I’m not sorry, AND i like romantic sit-coms!

  1. You’re right, you shouldn’t be sorry for posting when you want to!

    Sounds like the perfect ending after the beach šŸ™‚


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