Dog walks and dogged thoughts.

ive been trying to fight off negativity today. i did say this morning that i wasnt sure how i felt, i figured out soonish after that it was a negative day, but i also figured out i didnt want it to be and i would fight it as long as i could. i have done the fighting today, i have made sure not too much negativity has come on, i have told people when i havent been happy with whats going on with myself. this is all good because earlier in the day when i wanted to go for a walk no one else really wanted to, but pointing out later in the day resulted in me going for a walk this afternoon.

walking the dog was nice, it was bloody cold, but nice to stretch my legs and perhaps work off some of the extra calories ive even while ive been here, and i havent been here long! where i am is very flat, flatter than the county i live in, and the wind whistled across the fields with no barrier, i felt it on my face because i thought i didnt need my snood, i really did. i took a picture of me posing in a picture of the flatness, there are some wind turbines in the back but they are hard to see. i did keep looking behind myself today while out walking, i always get worried that someone is following me, dont know why they would, im sure i can make something up every time, but before i make anything up i just make sure no one is actually following me, so a quick look behind me helps.

ive also been talking a lot today. talking helps me loads because it keeps me occupied. now, i dont have a lot in my life to talk about to people, people dont find my life that interesting, all i do is talk about other peoples lives to them, i dont know how you guys cope reading my crap! no one i physically meet likes to hear it! but none-the-less i talk to them about stuff. it just takes my mind off of what my mind does when im not talking.

right, im going to go now, im off out for some dinner like i said in the previous blog post. i need to go make myself pretty, youll see that needs doing from the picture below!


P.S. there’s a bit of hand in my picture.

fen pic

2 thoughts on “Dog walks and dogged thoughts.

  1. “it just takes my mind off of what my mind does when im not talking” …yeah I def get that!
    I quite enjoy reading about your day. Maybe that says a lot about how inactive I am but I don’t care 😛


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