What’s my mood again?

ergh! a busy day yesterday obviously means my life wont let me have a good nights sleep. last night i slept for seven hours, i know, its not that bad, but i wouldnt mind some good sleep after a busy day.anyway, not that im up i suppose i can talk about my busy day.

yesterday was my first day of volunteering. it was just a day course on important stuff to remember and do, you know, first aid, health and safety, and upholding the responsibilities of who im volunteering for. it was ok, there was just a lot of sitting around and i dont really like sitting around. i remembered the head of volunteering because we had worked together in the past, so we could have a chuckle about bits of that. the biggest thing for me yesterday was the fact that at points there were 22 of us in a single room. now, 22 people for me is a lot! i dont really mind when we are all facing the same way and not focusing on one another but i forgot that all of these sorts of days come with group activities, and of course, the classic ‘we’ll go around the room and find out individually who everyone is’ routine. unfortunately this means i had to talk at a whole bunch of people for what felt like an eternity, but i in fact believe i probably said about 20 words. its ok, once i got past all that and opted out of all the recovery position practical (i know how to do them i just didnt want to be in someones face and really didnt want someone in mine) i was sorted for the most part, all i know is that health and safety stuff i boring. anyway, it was successful, and hopefully i can start doing stuff to better me and where i live.

im actually miles away  from where i live right now. im staying with family trying to relax. the lack of sleep last night didnt help too much but im sure i can sort stuff out today so that doesnt become an issue. i think there are plans, i think they include a nice walk, and im definitely going over to someones for dinner tonight. hope it tastes good! its a close family member cooking who i dont think i have ever had cook for me. so, plans for today sorted, plans for tomorrow……..not sorted. its ok, ill live on the fly while im here!

btw its snowing in the UK again. Baby its cold outside! and white. im probably in a good place because its snowing. last time it snowed something made me extremely frustrated and i ended up being in a bad place because of it. so here is good.

not sure how my mental health is going to do today, im in an unsure mood at the moment and i sort of want someone else to wake up so that i can find out how my day is going to be, and then if it might be problematic i can work on it, and if not i can enjoy lots of a day where its not going to be too bad. i dont know if other people get this in the morning, an uncertainty about your mood where you need something ele to occur in the morning so you can judge your day? at the moment i think ive got paranoia trying to occur, ive got a low mood perhaps buzzing about, but ive also got reason to be ‘cheerful’ in my day, and i also have plans. we’ll see what happens, no doubt if i run into problems ill definitely be back writing on here today, if not, have a lovely day!


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