Tolerating in the workplace, the MH way.

spending my day alone pretty much today. not sure how thatll go, i mean, im not at home so there might be more for me to do that isnt completely normal and that might amuse me. i might not know where the ketchup is kept and thatll keep me entertained. by the way, if its in the fridge its in the wrong place. nah, i might have to use media an entertainment today, i dont usually like doing that but i havent really done it for a few days so its fine, it probably wont bore me, im also just happy listening to music right now.

im off home tomorrow which will be ok i guess, ive got a lot of stuff to read for my volunteering so ill do that in the net couple of days, making sure im on top of everything ive got to do. im a little worried about volunteering, i have been the whole time really. just thinking that perhaps i  might end up working with people i dont really get along with, or maybe im not up to it. its annoying that my mind is more picky that i would want it to be. i need to be able to get along with a wide variety of people, and i need to tolerate those who i dont get along with. my mind usually has other ideas because i will try and tolerate but my head will have a field day with stories and paranoia, most of the time it turns tolerate someone into worrying they are going to kill you. it the least favourite part of the way my mind works. this is just something im going to have to find out in time, i can always remove myself from a situation, im not an employee, i should remind myself of that when im not happy.

im going to go now. i like putting pictures on here so im going to put a picture of yesterdays walk on here. its flat where i am…..





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