This summers music, after a single sunny day in 2018.

So, it was a nice day today and i had to drive in it. this reminded me that i need to get some tunes for the car for the summer! ive given the list of songs some thought and ive got myself twenty-six awesome songs from my past for a summer playlist and its……. diverse. however, none of the songs are in the slightest bit negative.

my mental health is usually all over the place in summer, its up, down, all around really so a constant good list of music thats positive should help me. i have said previously that singing helps me, like a sort of therapy, and even though im not singing properly its still awesome to just sing some songs in the car, maybe even dance around in my seat a little. gives me a more positive vibe.

summer is always my best time of the year to play music. by the way, when i say summer i mean spring time to the time of year where im putting a jumper back on full time, so its a long time listening to this music. all thats important is that the music can be turned up and sung along to, i dont care if people dont like the music, itll make me feel better certainly!



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