Heavy mental health.

eating cake makes you gain weight. who knew?! the reason i say this is because i weighed myself today. its about a week and half after the last time and ive put on a whole pound! im not fussed by this, my eating hasnt been great the last week and a half, i mean i just ate 5 cookies, what else should i expect but to gain weight. like i said, i dont mind because im going to start doing some actual physical work soon and hopefully that will help with that. i did promise myself that i would try and lose weight but rather change my lifestyle. ill carry on with what im doing and what ill be doing in the future and hopefully it will work out for me, ill try to stop eating masses of bad food though.

i had a physical health check today which was ok. i was nervous about it to begin with because i didnt know where i was going, who i was seeing, or even if my health was good. turns out that other than the weight im doing alright. pleased with this obviously, i just dont want my blood test results to come back bad because they have done in the last few months, fingers crossed for good results.

my mental health seems to be holding up at the moment, sure im paranoid but when am i not?! yeah im not at any sort of peak mental health, far from it, but im closer than i was a few weeks ago. there is a lot to do to get me to somewhere im a little more comfortable but i should be able to get there with some help. i know im back in a place where it will test me but ive got to focus on not focusing on that. well, that doesnt work i know but i can at least divide my time better between bad and good, i cant afford the bad sometimes, so just limiting myself to it should work.

i havent been for a walk today because i had to go out for the health check but ill be going tomorrow im sure. back to the beach will be nice, hopefully there arent any houses on it when i go.

right i’m off!



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