No sleep till Melbourne.

Well, I’m up at 2.40am. Lovely. I’m wide awake as well and it doesn’t please me in the slightest. Thumb twiddling while I lay in bed pretending I’m sleepy. Classic sleep for me. It’s OK though because in five days I’ll get a load of sleep! For no other reason than I haven’t got enough and won’t get enough until then. I have my music on quietly now and a phone in my face because I’m writing this. I might go and watch the formula one practice and qualifying. The cars usually send me to sleep, but I really like. Formula one! Maybe it’s because it makes me sleep. It’s in Melbourne by the way.

I like reading people’s blog posts they’re all so nice. I like real posts more than listy ones with information. I don’t think I’m nosey but I like to read about people’s raw lives. I find many places to relate, some a lot more than others.

Bye….i guess.

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