Hollyoaks and schizo-affective disorder.

Right, the UK soap ‘Hollyoaks’ is running a storyline about schizoaffective disorder which will start just after easter and im not sure whether i should watch it or not.

whenever an illness similar to the one i suffer from (or in this case the actual one) is portrayed on tv i get quite emotional and it scares me as well, this is because its horrible to see someone else going through the same problems as me. i know its a soap, its not real, but the illness IS real and its scary. I remember Stacey is Eastenders having psychotic symptoms after childbirth and it frightened me. it wasnt necessarily the symptoms that scared me but rather the struggle.

i want to watch this Hollyoaks storyline, i just need to be sure that i have correct procedure in place if it all goes wrong for me emotionally. i dont think not watching it is an option, i just need to prepare before watching it.

also, should i tell others about it? should i encourage family members to watch it? would it be too traumatic for them? or wil lthey maybe understand? i need to call someone and talk about it.


2 thoughts on “Hollyoaks and schizo-affective disorder.

    1. There was that other story I mentioned with the character called Stacey. I watched that with someone and it was hellish for them because I was so uncomfortable. I have told people I’ll be watching it, but said they didn’t need to. Just warning them I might need support.

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