Hollyoaks and schizo-affective disorder.

Right, the UK soap ‘Hollyoaks’ is running a storyline about schizoaffective disorder which will start just after easter and im not sure whether i should watch it or not.

whenever an illness similar to the one i suffer from (or in this case the actual one) is portrayed on tv i get quite emotional and it scares me as well, this is because its horrible to see someone else going through the same problems as me. i know its a soap, its not real, but the illness IS real and its scary. I remember Stacey is Eastenders having psychotic symptoms after childbirth and it frightened me. it wasnt necessarily the symptoms that scared me but rather the struggle.

i want to watch this Hollyoaks storyline, i just need to be sure that i have correct procedure in place if it all goes wrong for me emotionally. i dont think not watching it is an option, i just need to prepare before watching it.

also, should i tell others about it? should i encourage family members to watch it? would it be too traumatic for them? or wil lthey maybe understand? i need to call someone and talk about it.


2 thoughts on “Hollyoaks and schizo-affective disorder.

  1. Maybe watch it first before telling others to watch it? In case it is inaccurate or something..
    But yeah, definitely make sure you have the right support in place in case it triggers you! Watch it with someone maybe?

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    1. There was that other story I mentioned with the character called Stacey. I watched that with someone and it was hellish for them because I was so uncomfortable. I have told people I’ll be watching it, but said they didn’t need to. Just warning them I might need support.

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