Skylarks sing, Seagulls are squawking.

ive come for a longer walk today. i wanted to see if i could completely clear my head today, and so far its going well. im just relaxing, away form the house, away from my problems it seems. its a bit mirky on the beach today but i think its better that the beach is mirky instead of my mind, plus, i sometimes like a moody beach! the tide is going out so i have plenty of time to do next to nothing. i was thinking that in a few months ill be enjoying beaches elsewhere as a lot of family are going to Cornwall on holiday, there are lots of beaches there apparently, ive never been so it should be good to see new stuff. already thinking i can do some off the beaten track walks to lesser known beaches. that will be good, i do like a good walk.

i do know this weekend is going to be a tricky one for me. the two people i usually talk to on the phone arent going to be around so talking to them is sort of out of the question. i also have nothing to do this weekend so im probably going to be super bored. sometimes i wish i could just sleep away a few days if theyre going to be like the ones im just about to have. im going to have to find myself something to do, hopefully ill have the motivation to do something as well. i am however used to being lonely so its not going to impact me too much, just as long as i pick myself up after the weekend, then i should be ok. ill also see if there is any sport of TV, or anything at all for that matter. maybe i can also find out if anything ‘wildlifey’ is going on around here, something a person can do on their own, but in a group. i do like to bird watch you see. birds are the best creatures on the planet as for as im concerned.

tell you what, there are loads of birds making noise around me at the moment. i thought skylarks only really sung on sunny days. obviously im wrong because there are two singing away right now. of course the seagulls are going mad, its like someone is feeding them their chips! theres no one here but me though. oh, ok, someone else is about, a dog walker, and their dog just came over and said hello. lovely doggy!

i think this is all im going to write today. i dont need to write more at the moment, and weirdly enough, i hope i dont want to write anything for the rest of they day, if i do something has probably gone wrong.


3 thoughts on “Skylarks sing, Seagulls are squawking.

  1. Writing about everything in your day is a great therapy.
    It let you amuse yourself with everything that surrounds you and put you in a better position of controlling what you think.

    Keep up the good work!


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