I want to learn!

ive been trying to find events to go to in the UK that are centered around mental health, you know, marches, conferences, things like that. i cannot find a single thing to do. now, i know there is one in my home county of Norfolk in just over a month and ill be attending this, but there isnt anything to anywhere else. ive been googling like mad!



i want to do more in the UK when it comes to mental health. i want to be able to show my support for combating the issues surrounding these illnesses. sure, there are things for professionals to go to, there are things that businesses can get on board with, but there is nothing for anyone like me to go to. i want to support, learn and educate all over the UK.

i wrote on twitter earlier that i ‘just’ suffer and im regretting this. i am not ‘just’ a sufferer, i am someone who has experience, i know what its all about.

i would like this to be something i do with my life, its positive, its something im interested in and its something i want to be pro-active in.

if you’re in the UK and know of things please let me know.



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